Salvador Allende University, Santiago Campus

Sofia noticed that it was time for her to get to class, and left her dormitory. When she arrived, her friend, Emma, was already in the lecture hall.

“Why do you look like that?” Emma greeted her.

“Thanks for the compliment, Emma. I barely got any sleep last night.”

“I told you. Just accept your fate and apply to jobs that actually match your score report. Your Comp scores are really good,” said Emma.

“I just want a job that I actually want,” said Sofia.

“As opposed to a job that you will actually be good at? Just go to America then. I bet you will be very happy. Go network,” said Emma, sarcastically.

“What’s wrong with networking?”

“Ah yes. Get a job based on people you know, rather than based on your merit and skill sets.”

“Easy for you to say,” replied Sofia, as the professor entered the room.

Emma had already gotten a job. She was set to go work managing a winery, located just outside of Santiago. She had received an excellent Management and Analytics score, making her a great candidate for a management role. The winery was government-owned, as were most companies, and was looking for another manager after Cybersyn determined that it should expand its operations.

As Sofia was lamenting her fate, the professor talked about how Cybersyn was a huge success, with several nations implementing similar systems, and how the Chilean economy became incredibly prosperous in the last forty years.

‘What’s the point of a good economy if I don’t even have a shot at my dream job?’ thought Sofia.